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Kristi Gregg

Kristi Gregg

Client Relations


  In high school I landed my first receptionist position and enjoyed learning how to look up auto parts and write receipts. That was the beginning of my admin career. I’ve been able to assist many in making appointments for dental care or point them in the right direction regarding their auto insurance questions. I ended up taking fifteen years off to raise my children but I found my way back to the front desk! I find great joy in being able to meet the people who walk through the front door or those who call in from the comfort of their home. I tend to ask far too many questions because I really want to know more about each person. I can honestly say that my curious spirit and desire to know others is what brought me here…

  I’m a 12! Seattle Seahawks fans are known as the 12th Man because they are an extra team player who plays an important part by motivating the team. I take it serious. I am not one to listlessly sit and watch them on TV. I will definitely yell, scream as needed and jump around on the good plays and the bad. I do this if it’s just me or if I’m watching with others. Apparently, it’s embarrassing to my kids. I’m not sure why…. GO HAWKS!!!

  Victor Borge said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”. I am passionate about laughter! I will always seek ways to enjoy my conversations with others and try to bring out smiles but more importantly, a good laugh. As I see it, becoming friends with people is more easily attained when we can share laughter together.

  Outside the office I love spending time with my children. I enjoy traveling - especially when my travels take me to my yard to do some gardening. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and finding ways to have fun. I peruse Facebook and binge on Netflix as needed. I have friends who have sons that play high school football and I enjoy going to their games.

  Kenoyer Financial has provided an abundance of opportunity to gain knowledge and grow in my position. I have been able to attend seminars and listen to experts in our field of business to garner more insight. We have weekly continuing education and I am working my way through several books which are introducing me to the best methods of branding and marketing.