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Katie Reed


  My father is a financial advisor and I worked for him through high school and college.  My career took me to a small, family owned restaurant for 5 years.  I learned bookkeeping and honed my administrative skills. When Bill offered me a position at Kenoyer Financial, I knew that my background laid the stepping stones I needed to succeed here. 

  Something you may not know about me is that I attended University in British Columbia, Canada.  After several vacations there as a child, I grew to appreciate “Beautiful British Columbia” (as their license plates state).  I love the cold, dreary weather and all the bundling up that is required.

  I am most passionate about a good meal.  In my mind, food is love.  If someone takes the time to prepare a meal for me, I know they care.  I enjoy doing the same for my family and friends.  I love the art of putting food together in a way that brings joy.  When ordering at a restaurant, I typically order the most unique item on the menu.

  In my free time I like to cook, be crafty and spend time with family and friends.  I also enjoy watching British dramas.

  Starting at Kenoyer Financial, I had a basic knowledge of life insurance and investments. There has been a great learning curve so far.  I completed Financial Peace University and have been implementing the principles in my personal life.  The envelope system has brought much order and clarity to my finances.


Katie Reed is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services.