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Bill's Money Story

My Personal Journey

My Personal Journey

My parents had a positive impact on the man I am today. However, I was not taught how to manage money. Talking about that topic in my childhood was taboo. 

Later, I found myself and my young family in medical debt and we needed to pull ourselves out. In 2005 I was hired to do administrative work for a local financial advisor, and my mind was opened to the financial world. I was motivated to learn how

money worked and how to best create a strategy for our family. I obtained my licenses and began my career advising others and their monies. In 2006 we came across Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University class. It became clear to me; if we could live on less than we made and eliminate our debt, we would be well on our way to a strong future. This has had a positive impact and provided success not only for me and my wife but also for our children.  Unlike the era of my youth, we regularly discuss finances and the impact it has on us as parents and together as a family.  

I enjoy guiding our clients to purposeful wealth, focusing on what matters to them, to their family, and to their community.We have been educating and leading those who connect with Dave Ramsey's passion for wealth building. We are committed to informing and empowering our clients. We don’t just offer a single investment choice.  Instead, we carefully research a variety of ways to build assets and to help each person reach their goals. We believe that eliminating debt and investing for the long term is the ideal way to build wealth and prepare for retirement.