WIll I ever reach my wealth goals?

WIll I ever reach my wealth goals?

March 09, 2017

I was reminded this past weekend of the famous children's tale, "The Tortoise and the Hare."  Most likely you have read it several times to your kids or even grand kids.  Just in case you forgot the story I will remind you.  The tortoise starts off slow and steady in the race.  No flash.  No fanfare.  No quick speed.  Simply, deliberate moving toward the finish line.  Meanwhile, his furry competitor, the hare, sprints and stops through out the race.  It appears he is winning because of his impressive speed and slick moves.  If you were to place a bet on the winner based on speed and agility you would pick the hare every time.  Right?  

Sometimes we can get discouraged that we are not making any progress in our wealth building goals.  We seem like we are moving at a snail's pace.  It feels like we make 2 steps forwards only to have 1 giant step backwards in our financial plan.  Wealth is built by being diligent and sustaining your saving focus over a long period of time while maintaining a good diversification of your assets.  Don't be deceived by others' so called successful looking homes, cars, or vacations.  If you live like no one else now, later you will get to live like no one else.  Stay focused.  

Don't get distracted!  Stay on your plan.  Slow and steady is the pace of the one who wins the race.

Two action items you can do to get jumpstarted this month:

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