When life loses focus

When life loses focus

February 09, 2017

Are you on a "hamster wheel" of busyness?  If you are like me, you get caught up in the day to day life of working to build wealth, paying bills, being a taxi driver for your kids, and squeezing a workout in as you can.  Why do we do all of this?  What is driving all this activity?

A number of years ago I came across an author who rocked my world!  Simon Sinek authored a book titled, Start with Why.  In that book, he caused me to wrestle with "why I do what I do."  He uncovers the secret to unlocking a successful pathway to having a life of meaningful purpose.  He believes that it starts with understanding why you do what you do.  "Why" statements motivate others to greater purpose.  Martin Luther King Jr didn't craft an "I have a plan" speech rather "I have a Dream" speech.  He spoke of "why" he marched and spoke out against racial prejudice.

In a dinner party the question that frequently is asked goes something like "So, what do you do for a living?"  We ramble on about where we work and maybe even how long we have been working in that field.  What would happen if you and I answered that question next time with a statement about why you do what you do?  Let's say that you own a bakery.  You are asked what you do for a living at a party.  Possibly, respond with something like, "I make life a bit more enjoyable for others."  You will get a puzzled look.  Tell me more, the person says.    You further explain, "I make life a bit more enjoyable for others through making tasty pastries and breads."  You have just inspired folks on why you do what you do.

Why are you building up wealth?  Do you have a plan to purpose those monies for your kids and grandkids?  This month we are hosting an Estate Matters: Wealth Preservation workshop on February 28th.  It is an educational opportunity for you begin getting your estate planning ducks in a row.  For more information and to register follow the link below.  Space is limited!