Surviving Digital Overload

Surviving Digital Overload

May 17, 2019

Several months ago, I went on a vacation with my wife.  I decided to take only my mobile phone for communication.  No iPad.  No laptop.  I read from a real newspaper made of "paper" (I know call me crazy!).  I told myself that I would only use my phone for music, mapping directions, and emergency calls.

I discovered that I came home much more rested.  Why was that?  My brain was able to rest from all of the bombardment of endless phone notifications, checking email, and mindlessly cruising Facebook pages or other apps that I use on a daily basis.  I could actually think clearly!

In my reading of real newspapers, I came across an article written by Cal Newport.  He is a 30 something male who writes on how to become more productive while maintaining your sanity.  He believes that our digital lifestyle has crowded our minds and worn us out.  I agree!

Isn't it sad when you are out at a restaurant and families are sitting around the table with their faces buried in their phones and tablets?  Have we lost our ability to have conversation with one another?  I'm not saying all technology is bad.  I love technology.  I just don't want to be used by it.  I want to be in control of "why" I'm using it and "what purpose does it serve."

I am taking a 5 day challenge starting Monday, May 20th.

  1. When I get home from work, put my phone on silent and place it in a place where I won't use it.
  2. Be mentally present with my family for the entire evening and engage in 1 significant conversation with each of them.
  3. Journal my thoughts on my experiences and discoveries during my 5 days.

Want to join me?  I dare you to take the plunge for 5 days.  Let's see what happens!

Below is a blog that I have been learning from in my pursuit of being more purposeful with my digital engagement.

Cal Newport Study Hacks Blog