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Shady Business

| March 01, 2018
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“Somebody’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett.

My natural tendency is to look at the needs for today and focus on accomplishing the tasks needed to survive it. However, the words shared by Warren Buffett have been inspirational as I continue to learn about investing. My short sightedness in how I choose to look at my finances will not provide shade for myself or others down the road. Learning to invest and how to ride the waves of the market as they crash against the shores of my investments make it clear that investing for the long term is ideal, even if it seems nerve wracking at times. I do long for others to benefit from the tree I might plant right now. Some of the mysteries of investments have been revealed: It’s wise to spend time learning about it. It is not too late. Investing is not just for the men to handle. The fact of the matter is I had stinkin’ thinkin’ because I wasn’t knowledgeable about my options. Now that I’m learning that the opportunities abound I am looking forward to finding a way to plant a tree, or who knows, maybe two or more, because shade for the future has great appeal!

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