PART 1: What's Missing?  Is your community a vibrant place to live?

PART 1: What's Missing? Is your community a vibrant place to live?

August 04, 2017

When you think about the community in which you live would you describe it as "vibrant and connected"?  Is it a place that is full of people helping people?  What would your community look like if it was vibrant and connected?  Could the way you plan for the future help build that kind of community around you?

This month I would like to highlight a few pockets of Modesto that are seeking to make Modesto a more connected and vibrant place to live.  Modesto is the place I have called home for over 50 years.  It is a place I have raised my sons, enjoy my wife, and poured my life into.

This week I want to highlight the Downtown Partnership who is led by Josh Bridegroom.  Each day I take a morning walk through downtown to clear my head and mainly to get out among our downtown shops and eateries to support our local economy. Downtown Partnership has started the 1st Friday Street Faire where each month food carts, live music, and a family friendly environment can be experienced to the full!  Each time I walk downtown I run across men and women dressed in yellow sweeping, cleaning and tending to our downtown beauty (a.k.a. Downtown Ambassador Crew).  I love this!  According to the Downtown Partnership website the Downtown Ambassador Crew as of July 2017 has collected 43,074 pounds of trash from our downtown area!  I feel taken care of and proud to have housed our company in downtown.  These folks make me feel that our downtown Modesto is on the verge of becoming something special.  I want to publicly thank Downtown Partnership for taking small steps in transforming our downtown to a more connected and vibrant place to live!

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