Let's love people right now

Let's love people right now

August 07, 2020

Are you feeling the weight of our culture right now like I am?

From back to school changes to angry banter on social media regarding our world has caused me to want to do something opposite of our culture. I am choosing to love people. We want to keep seeing our cities to become a more connected and vibrant place to live. Here's where you come in!

There is a movement that has started I am participating in and I invite you to join in.


The call is simple. Show up and LOVE PEOPLE.

During a time when our world is facing division on all sides, what can you do?

Live a life of Love. Love People. Love Our Cities.

Love Our Cities is a catalyst for serving our people in need.  Their vision is to spread this idea of living a life of love to everyone in our community.  They exist to be bridge builders between those who want to help and those who need help.  They exist because of the belief that when our entire community embraces this command, our community WILL be transformed. 100% of the profit from shirt sales will go directly to them to continue to be a light.

Follow the link to purchase your shirt today!

#lovepeople tshirt campaign

Let's keep loving people and make our cities a more connected and vibrant place to live