Goals, goals, and more goals

January 17, 2018

So it is week 2 into 2018 and you're already not meeting some of your resolutions.  Discouraged?  I could say, "Stay at it", "Don't give up".

However, I am like you.  I get discouraged.  I lose sight of my goals and those things I said I would be resolute towards.  Positive self talk has never worked for me to press through to get more focused and reach my goals.

What has helped me? One word: Community.  What is community, you ask?  It is a gathering of a few close friends you can be honest with and share your failures and successes.  A gathering who will listen to your excuse and point you back to the right path.

Do you have a community of people who can keep you on track with your financial goals in 2018?

We would love to be that kind of community for you.  We would love to be your money coach and keep pointing you back to stay focused in 2018.