Finish what you started

Finish what you started

February 02, 2017

Growing up as a young elementary age kid one of the lessons my parents so patiently reminded me was to finish what I started.  I was never allowed to quit a sport in the middle of the season just because it got tough or I wasn't getting enough play time on the field.  I had to finish what I started.  I am so thankful to my parents for their careful guidance in forming the discipline of persistence.  

Fast forward a few years to high school. I attended Davis High School in Modesto, CA.  In high school I had one of the best coaches in our county, Don Lanphear.  He never let me give up on myself, academic pursuits, or football goals I had established.  Coach Lanphear was a mentor, a coach, and a wise leader in my life.  At times I wanted to give up on myself and he would not let me.  It didn't always feel the best when he pushed me but I was thankful to him afterwards.

Do you ever feel like giving up?  Maybe you want to throw in the towel?  Me too!  Life is hard sometimes and there is a need for someone to come along side of you and I to remind us to not give up.  Financial matters can rob us of so much sleep at times.  Do you have a "money coach" who you meet with periodically to make sure you are staying on track with your goals and reminding you not to give up?  

Sometimes we start our financial goals with a ton of zeal and passion and then hit a road block.  If you have hit a road block and need to have someone review your goals and plans for the money you have saved up we would enjoy helping you "finish what you started"!

If you have plans for your money that go beyond you living on this planet then I want to invite you to a workshop we are leading on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  It is called Estate Matters:  Wealth Preservation.  You can follow this link for more information.  Register today as seating is limited!