Investing in "the moment"

Investing in "the moment"

May 31, 2018

Off to college! 

"Where did the time go?"...this is the phrase I have heard for years as a dad.  I must admit I would nod and agree with others that raising kids does indeed goes fast.  However, as my sons were in grade school, I honestly thought that it was gonna be a long time before they would drive, get their first job, and launch out of the home.  Now, it is here!  High School graduation and the college journey are the next steps in our family.

Where did time go?  I'll tell you where it went for me.  It went as I was...taking him on Saturday dates and seek to listen well...encouraging him to take healthy risks with passions he wanted to pursue...teaching him how to mow a lawn and be proud of his work...driving him to football practices and sharing his thrill for the game...disciplining him for areas he needed correction on...screaming loud at his games and encouraging him when his team experienced loss...watching funny movies together...mentoring him to be a true SF Giants fan and so much more!

Invest in the moments you have today.  Make daily deposits into your children's development.  The return and satisfaction they produce are beyond your original investment of time and energy!