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Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

| June 28, 2018
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Throughout the year we have celebrations.  Holidays and birthdays are generally noted and preparations are made to have family stop by and there is usually vast amounts of food included.  We celebrate our nations birthday and the impending birth of a baby.  Bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries bring people together and great rejoicing occurs that a new family is starting and all are happy that the married couple is able to add another year to their commitment.  
I don't know if you noticed a trend in the way people honor each other but there is community involvement.  It's rare to have a celebration with a party of one.  Sure, I will extend a fist pump after perfectly parallel parking but I wouldn't make a wonderful meal and a whole cake just for myself on my birthday.  We need our community to join in and help us give honor to milestones in our lives.  Family is our first network and from there friends jump in to participate in life's triumphs.  We need each other!  
Kenoyer Financial uses the hashtags #kenoyerefinishstrong #connectedvibrantcommunity to encourage us and others that we need to do life together.  Can you imagine if more people used the same hashtag on social media and we all shared ways that we are doing life with our community of people?  Hey!  Let's not imagine it - use it and we can build up a new community of people celebrating life with other people who want to celebrate!  
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