Can this simple habit be hurting you?

July 23, 2017

Can the smartest device you own be making your life hectic?

When I purchased my first smart phone I thought,  "This will be great!"  I can respond to email when I am out of the office.  I can handle my banking and pay bills with a simple tap.  I can capture photos without having to get out my camera so I don't miss that precious moment with my kids!  Slowly, that ease of the device became one of enslavement.

The ease of a tool in my life became one where I began to check social media to see if someone "liked" my post of my family (who from others perspective, we were always having a great time because that is all that I posted...great times!).  Constantly checking my bank account to make sure I had enough safety net in my savings was an obsession.

As we move through this theme of simplicity these past few posts, I challenge us to look at this simple tool called your smart phone.  Is it a tool or has it become the part of your life you cannot live without?  What would happen if you didn't use it for one solid afternoon?  Would you engage with your family and friends in a different way?  Would you enjoy a walk or take up that hobby you have told yourself you would do one day?

CHALLENGE:  Take one day this week and take a sabbatical from your tech device, phone, tablet, or computer and see how that changes your sense of focus and enjoyment.

Until next time!

-Bill Kenoyer