Budgeting: Restriction or Freedom?

February 08, 2018


    Some people refer to “budget” as the general pot from which they draw funds. For others, budget means envelopes meticulously assembled each month, with dollar bills designated for a specific destination. I tend to lean towards the latter.
    My husband and I went through Financial Peace University while we were engaged, which set the stage nicely as we joined our finances. We agreed that we would budget each month, and choose where our money would go. For people who have not budgeted, it may seem like restriction. They may feel like they are confined to something they didn’t choose. The beauty of a budget for us is that we get to choose! We don’t always stick to it 100%, but it has been a helpful guideline. We have enjoyed the freedom that has come from knowing that certain dollars are intended for certain purposes, and we get to enjoy it!